Group Risk Cover – Frequently Asked Questions

(Q) What does Group Risk Cover entail?

(A) Group Risk Cover is an umbrella term for three different or cumulative ‘company sponsored’ employee benefit schemes, namely, Group Life Insurance, Group Income Protection and Group Critical Illness Cover.

(Q) This is my first time to access group risk products through an online platform how do I know I’m getting the best value for money?

(A) We search the entire market place and ask all the providers in the market to provide with a quote in order that we find the most competitive quote for you.

(Q) I don’t have the time to provide reams of detail to you?

(A) We provide two quotation questionnaires for our clients that are depending on your own level of understanding. We have a fairly easy questionnaire that we help us generate a fairly generic quote and then other more comprehensive questionnaires that ask for a bit more detail in order to tailor a specific quote to your needs.

(Q) I’m worried about the security of my employee’s information online?

(A) We don’t ask for specific employee names you can number each employee

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